Festa Major de Tamariu

Festa Major de Tamariu

Festa Major de Tamariu


15 Aug - 15 Aug
Tamariu, Tamariu


Every year on August 15th, Tamariu holds their annual Fiesta Mayor, a celebration in honor of its patron saint, Saint Mary. The festival includes a clown performing for children, a foam party, an evening concert, the traditional watermelon launching, and the singing of Habaneras.

The watermelon and ball launching race is an essential event in the festival, generating lots of excitement among the attendees, who come both to participate and to observe this unique tradition.

It all begins when the balls are thrown from a boat, and then the participants are released into the water to be the first to arrive to catch them. Note that in this event, children under 12 are given priority, although during the moment of truth everyone takes the plunge in a race to be the first to reach the finish. Every year the rules get broken a little bit, but no one seems to mind as the event is less about the competition, and more about the people coming together around a shared event, celebrating and laughing together and having a great time. Minutes later, the watermelons are launched, and a new race begins. Swimmers battle it out in a race over getting the watermelons.

Both races are organized by the Tamariu Yacht Club, and don't forget to bring the smaller ones, because there are plenty of children's activities too. And of course the hot chocolate, for the young and old alike!



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